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Composer is a revolution in the PHP world. You can use it to manage your dependencies. Need a specific library. Run composer require vendor/packagename and you can use it. Working on a project? Run composer install and you have all dependencies you need. There is just 1 downside with this: When a project has a lot of dependencies, it can be quite slow to download them all.

Luckily there is Prestissimo. This checks all dependencies and downloads them using multiple threads. Installing is just as simple as running composer global require hirak/prestissimo. You can check the Github here.

I only found one downside: In some cases, when using a Satis setup you can get an error that Composer is unable to extract the package. The solution is pretty simple:

  • Remove Prestissimo: composer global remove hirak/prestissimo.
  • Delete the vendor directory of the project: rm -rfv vendor.
  • Clear the Composer cache: composer clear-cache.

Now you should be good to go. Only a bit slower this time.